Capacity: Both stainless steel and iron bolts, screws, washers, nuts, rivets, pins, wedges, circlips, dowels, blind plugs, clamps, grease fittings and many special materials as both production and sales for our customers worldwide and in Europe with our production and stock volume completes the most accurate demand.

Quality Product Options: In our products, we offer White Zn Cr + 3, Yellow Zn Cr + 3, Nickel, Zinc, Delta Protect coating option as well as A2, A4 and iron quality options to the demand of our customers.

Our Services With our on-site laboratory, we offer our products testing and analysis services in accordance with the standards; we perform the desired tests quickly, reliably and accurately and ensure that they are reported and certified to our valued customers.

Quality Analysis - Capacity: Refere Lab, which serves in our sub-branch of Kromar Cıvata, performs basic mechanical tests such as tensile-compression, torsion, hardness measurements; elemental analysis by optical emission spectropy; metallographic sample preparation and microstructure examination; material wear analysis and surface roughness measurement.